10 Blog Examples for Your Inspiration

Blogging has long been a popular way for people to express their passions, experiences and ideas with readers worldwide.

A blog can be its own website, or an add-on to an existing site. Whichever option you choose, it serves as a space to share your story or market your expertise in your own words, with your own visual language to match.

To help create a blog of your own, we’ve compiled this selection of ten blog examples. They’re packed with all the design wisdom you need to transform your blog into one of the best in the business.

10 inspiring blog examples

  1. Zion Adventure Photog
  2. Mrs. Space Cadet
  3. Simply Tabitha
  4. Lizzy Hadfield
  5. Suvelle Cuisine
  6. Mikaela Reuben
  7. Seasons in Colour
  8. Not Another Cooking Show
  9. Roshini Kumar
  10. Olivia and Laura

01. Zion Adventure Photog

When you’re first approaching the question of how to start a blog, check out Zion Adventure Photog. The blog has a dual purpose: owner Arika’s photography portfolio and establishing her expertise of the Zion area. With these, she’s able to make money blogging. The blog’s ruggedly playful green and yellow color scheme evokes nature and sunshine. The blog’s homepage features visual testimonials of happy clients enjoying their adventures. She embeds her Instagram Feed directly onto her site, spreading the word about her service and drawing people deeper into her brand.

The blog design mirrors its content in depth and expertise. Detailed posts provide detailed guidance on activities such as canyoneering and hiking. From the written content, it’s clear that Arika is an expert in her field, and the visuals confirm her photography skills.

zion adventure photog

02. Mrs. Space Cadet

On this blog’s My Story page, the creator explains how she couldn’t find an online space that featured anything other than people’s perfect marathon training journeys. In response, she created this wonderfully authentic blog highlighting her, “Running through life one struggle at a time.”

The top fold features an image of the creator wearing crooked glasses and running on a treadmill with roller skates—a perfect embodiment of her blog title. Her site features individual pages for her blog, podcast and online store and includes links to her social media, all areas where she shares her incredibly relatable content.

mrs. space cadet

03. Simply Tabitha

Tabitha’s personal blog is a stellar example of how sharing your thoughts and advice can powerfully build your online brand. She dishes out fashion and beauty advice in her blog posts then helps her audience of mommas replicate her look with a Shop the Post widget at the end. And with Pinterest’s Save buttons hovering over each picture, fans can keep her glamorous aesthetic on hand for inspiration.

Take note from this blog example—partnering with an affiliate and linking out to recommended products in your posts is a great way to monetize your blog, as you’ll earn a commission for every sale that comes through your site.

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